Industrial Design


Hey, I'm Eric.

Hello! :) :0 :-]
My name is Eric, and I'm a designer.

I’ve worked a lot of places doing a lot of things - prototyping, toy design, experience design, interaction design, UX design, and product design. I've found that I love the challenge of creating something beautiful that a person will use - taking the process of completing a task and turning it into a series of opportunities for small moments of joy or surprise. 

Outside of the world of design I enjoy having a red beard and indulging in large and cumbersome hobbies, like collecting vinyl. My favorite genre of music is anything with the prefix "post-", my favorite flavor of bubble tea is red bean, and my favorite kind of beer is cheap.

Hit me up if you'd like to talk about my work or future opportunities. I'm on LinkedinBehance, and Dribbble, or you can get at me directly:  /  847.306.0114